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I was able to take your real estate PowerPoint presentation, and the handouts as a ready-made package and I just follow the script and deliver it. It was perfect! I used the same slides to talk for 20 minutes at one presentation and then an hour and 20 at a second presentation and just paced myself accordingly. Thanks again for this product!

Renee sieradski

Tax Resolution Representation Specialist

Phoenix, AZ

Your kit made my presentation so easy as it was a DFY kit and only my information had to be entered. You can easily do a presentation within hours of getting the material.  I was extremely nervous to speak in front of people as I felt I didn’t know enough and was afraid of the questions I would get. I found that your slides and audio walk through helped me to “practice” prior and it must have worked pretty well as afterward I got email stating “I knocked it outta the park!” from one of the agents who attended.

robin reed, ea, caa

Tax Planning and Consultation Expert

Port Charlotte, FL


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