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Congratulations on your enrollment in the Real Estate Tax Pro System – Lite! On this page you will find the presentation resources that you will need to talk to the real estate market.

As always, keep in mind that the number one key to success is taking action. We suggest that you begin your marketing efforts this week in order to accelerate the path to dominating the real estate industry in your local area.

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Dan Henn, CPA Presentation to Real Estate Broker and Agents

This exact presentation resulted in 7 of 12 agents requesting an appointment, and closing over $4,000 of immediate new business. Additional revenue will be created from lead follow up.


Realtor Presentation (PowerPoint) – Tax Saving Secrets for Realtors.pptx

Realtor Presentation Video by Dan Henn, CPA to local Real Estate Broker and Agents (use this as guidance for tailoring your presentation)
Realtor Presentation Transcript

Checklist for Speaking (Excel) – Simple dos and don’ts and what not to forget when you speak