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Do you want more quality clients for your tax practice?

 Here is the time saving toolkit to help you Sell to more qualified clients in 20 minutes than you currently do in a week, maybe even a month!

Are you tired of acquiring clients ONE-AT-A-TIME?  It is a very slow way to build a tax practice.  Don’t you wish there was a quicker way to get clients?  On top of that, wouldn’t it be nice if they just showed up pre-sold and you just need them to sign on the dotted line?

When I first started my practice, I knew a few people in my community and got them to become clients.  When that ran out, I had to resort to traditional forms of marketing and advertising.  Networking at the chamber, advertising in local coupon books, doing an event table top.  But none of these were really the best use of my time and money.  Not to mention, it got me a ton of crap, low-paying clients.  I was running myself ragged by selling one person at a time and doing my usual tax season work.  I knew there had to be a better way!

That is until I discovered the ability to speak in front of groups of people.  Many groups are always looking for speakers.  Local Chambers of Commerce, Professional service clubs such as Rotary and Kiwanis, Real Estate and Property Manager offices, and Real Estate Investor groups (and many others) have regular meetings and are usually looking for a speaker.

But I was concerned…Then these questions went through my head.

  • I found I enjoyed speaking, but what do I talk about?
  • I did not have a presentation put together. When will I find the time to create a presentation?
  • What do I need to bring with me? It scares me to think I will look bad because I forgot to bring something with me.
  • But most importantly, how do I go about asking them to speak to their group?
  • How do I get them to raise their hand and say, “I am sold, please let me pay you to be my ‘tax guy’”?

That was when I put together a presentation geared toward the Real Estate Industry.  I found that speaking to Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Real Estate Property Managers, and Real Estate Investors was the best bang for the buck.

  • Real Estate Agent/Brokers and Property Managers are self-employed with lots of tax questions
  • They need their tax returns prepared
  • They know a lot of people (buyers and sellers) that may need their tax returns completed.
  • They may have their own tax problems due to being self-employed with 1099 income (i.e. Tax Resolution clients)
  • They know buyers with unfiled tax return or tax problems of their own or
  • They know sellers that have tax liens and don’t know what to do with them in order to sell their house

In fact, many times I am able to close over 50% of the room.  Even in a room of 10-20 people, that is a lot faster than the one at a time approach.  I have gotten tax prep work, tax lien work and IRS representation work all from speaking from the front of the room and being the “expert”.

Along the way, I created checklists, letters, and templates for me to use depending on the audience in which I was speaking.  Can you say YES to all of the following questions?:

  • Are you looking for a faster way to get clients?
  • Do you want to get better quality clients?
  • Do you want to get higher rate per hour work than just the lowly tax prep fee?
  • Do you want to work with people who have raised their hand and already pre-sold?
  • Do you like to speak in front of groups?
  • Wouldn’t you like it if there already presentations and letters that are already Done-For-You?

If you answered “YES” to each of these questions, then doing “ONE-TO-MANY” selling is for you.  I would like to extend a limited time offer for you to get the materials I have painstakingly created over the years.  It will help you jump light years ahead of your competition and help you attract the quality clients you desire.  No more procrastination or recreating the wheel.

It is called the REAL ESTATE TAX PRO TOOLKIT – DELUXE!  Normally sold for $1,997!

Here is a summary of the items included in the Real Estate Tax Pro Toolkit – Deluxe:

  • (4) Four downloadable and editable PowerPoint Presentations – One each for Real Estate Agents/Brokers and Real Estate Investors; Two for Property Managers; Includes videos of me presenting the material for you to follow. All you have to do is update your name and contact information on the beginning and ending slides.
  • Pre-written Word document for you to request speaking engagements. All you need to do is get the names and addresses.  Print your labels and lick the stamps (well they don’t make the lick ‘em kind anymore) and put them in the mail.
  • Pre-written Word template for you to create a bio for you to mail with your request and/or be read before you speak
  • Checklist on the do’s and don’t of speaking as well as what not to forget to bring or ask before you speak
  • Checklist on the marketing related activities before, during and after you speak so you know when to mail for the request to speak, follow-up before you speak and follow-up after you speak.
  • Prepared Appointment Getting Form for you to edit and hand out after you speak and get them to raise their hand
  • (4) Four downloadable Done-For-You Lead Magnets for Real Estate Agents
  • I have included (2) two audio MP3s of me presenting the various items in the toolkit and how to use them. There is three hours of details on how to use all of the tools in the toolkit and get the most benefit from them.
  • Video showing you how to get setup in your state to speak to tax professionals and do CPE.
  • It includes “Unlimited” email access to me with your questions.
  • Updates for LIFE – If I add anything new to the toolkit, you will get access to it for FREE. Yes, there will be no additional charge.

BONUS #1 – I will include access to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) PowerPoint Presentation that I have used dozens of times during the year.

Order Here Now! $1,997

To make sure that you are happy with this investment and to remove the risk, I have a special guarantee…

Your Ironclad – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Invest in the System Today, and If You Don’t Notice Your Status Elevated, an Increase in Your New Client Count or you don’t Like the systems for any REASON (I Don’t Care If It’s 29 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes From Now), Just Let Me Know And I’ll Give You Your Money Back.

When you take action and add this “ONE-TO-MANY” selling toolkit to your marketing collection, you will take the keys to the kingdom.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Check this out!

I gave my speech and we had a freak monsoon storm and only 5 realtors showed! However, one of them signed up and took my first available appointment.

Turns out he lost everything in the recession and owes a small amount of back taxes that couldn't be included in a bankruptcy.  So, he paid me my $350 research fee to pull transcripts and have him fill out canopy questionnaire and then I will call him with a tax res plan, most likely an IA

Funny thing is, during the seminar, I had NO IDEA he was a tax res prospect. He was the most vocal about real estate and sat in the front row asking question after question, just about regular old taxes and so when he came in, was I surprised that he had a back tax issue that he wanted my help with

He has a "tax lady" and she doesn't do this kind of stuff. Thing is: I was able to take your real estate PowerPoint presentation, and the handouts as a ready-made package and I just follow the script and deliver it.

It was perfect!

I used the same slides to talk for 20 minutes at one presentation and then an hour and 20 at a second presentation and just paced myself accordingly

Thanks again for this product! 

Renee Sieradski, EA (Phoenix, AZ)

Nothing can help you sell more, sell faster and sell more efficiently than the right tools for a One-to-Many presentation.

I purchased your Real Estate Agents kit in October 2016.  I have had one presentation to real estate agents in a local real estate group in May 2017 just before leaving to come north for the summer. From that one presentation, I have the following results:

              * Three (3) Real Estate Agent tax plans for $16,425 

              * 2 Tax Return (TR) referrals for $9k

              * Seven tax consult appoints for October 2017 through November from Agents

                 wanting to move to S-Corps and tax prep for this year.

              * An upcoming October presentation in their Naples Office 

              * Referral for another local real estate group for presentation in October 2017

These results have come in throughout the summer months, I only got two appointments on day of presentation. I  also got their email addresses and contact information and put them on a weekly newsletter so I can stay top of mind and I think this whole package together has made a difference. I cannot wait to see the results from the rest of the presentations as I have been practicing more and my book will be done soon.

Your kit made my presentation so easy as it was a DFY kit and only my information had to be entered. You can easily do a presentation within hours of getting the material.  I was extremely nervous to speak in front of people as I felt I didn't know enough and was afraid of the questions I would get. I found that your slides and audio walk through helped me to "practice" prior and it must have worked pretty well as afterward I got email stating "I knocked it outta the park!" from one of the agents who attended.
  • Robin Reed, EA, CAA


$ – I realize that nothing can help me sell faster and sell more

$ – I realize that you are the go-to person that has done this well with speaking to grow your practice and I want to TOO!

$ And I know I am covered by your Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Super! Then please go to get IMMEDIATE access to your toolkit NOW by typing the following in your web browser:

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