Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) – Power Point Presentation (Summary)

Do you want a way to get to multiple prospects at one time?

Then you should be speaking to trade or professional groups. Especially now that Congress has handed tax preparer’s a brand new tax law with major changes.
There is nothing that is simplification about this.

But the comment I get from most people is I don’t have time to create a presentation.

Well I have the answer for you.

I have put together a PowerPoint Presentation of 57 slides that goes over the highlights of the TCJA with an individual and business section. It is totally customizable to your name, company name and contact information.

It covers some of the following items:
* The changes in the individual tax rates with the new brackets

* The changes to the kiddie tax and child tax credit

* The changes to and/or elimination of the various itemized deductions
* Numeric examples of the effect the tax law changes have
* (3) slides on the 20% Pass-through deduction
* Various changes in the C-Corporation tax rates

* NOL, AMT, and other corporation tax law changes
* And Much, Much, More…

Why recreate the wheel when it is already done for you? Why go through the pain (and time) to create one of your own?

One new client from using these slides will more than pay for it.

If you would like to get the quick way to speak to multiple people on one time, whether you speak to a group or do a webinar, this will get you on your way.

As a bonus, I am also including the video of a webinar I did using these slides for your reference.

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