Getting them to raise their hands

When you go to speak to a group of individuals, usually there is a reason you are speaking to that particular group.

Sometimes it is just for exposure. Sometimes it is just the ability to speak in front of a group to hone your speaking skills. But more often than not, people speak in front of a group to get business from it.

When you get in front of the group, you need to make a compelling case for them to listen. Start by telling stories. Sometimes you tell them the woe is me story or about a client you had that you helped. In my case, I would talk about a strategy that saved my client a lot of money or how I got them out of trouble with the IRS.

But once you get them listening, let them know what you have to offer. That you have limited appointments and you cannot work with everyone (which is true). Give them a set of facts or criteria that “if this is you”, then you are the perfect person to work with me.

One way to get them to raise their hands is by offering some lead magnet. A special report, book or ebook, or even a cheat sheet or checklist. Have them fill out a paper “order” form or have them go to a landing page to put in their information. BTW, having them do it online will save the administrative time of having them write it down and someone inputting it into the CRM later.

Or even better, have them drop a business card in a basket, bowl or dish to win some kind of freebie (gift card, gadget, free consultation, etc.). Who doesn’t want a freebie.

Do the things to get them to raise their hands and make them your next client. Next time we will discuss what “Follow-up” means.