Speaking to acquire clients

As a tax professional, if you are looking to acquire clients in a quicker fashion, you really need to go out and speak to groups. I am not talking about getting in front of 1,000 people to start (but if you are up to it, go for it). I am talking about getting in front of groups of 10-50 people.

So what groups do you speak to…Get in front of the people you like to have as clients. If you like doctors, then get in front of groups of them. If you like, auto mechanics, find out where they meet and speak to them.

If you like real estate, get out and talk to the local real estate brokerage offices or talk to local real estate investor groups.

By speaking to groups, you are doing what is called One-to-Many selling. This allows you to sell to a bigger group of people at one time. Next time I will tell you the various techniques you can use to get these people to raise their hand and buy from you.